Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Miss you Mysterious R...

Hey guys, we meet again! I haven't written anything since the past six months...

There are lots of things to share...

1. Missing everything in Terengganu makes me cry because of homesickness...
    # I miss you...
           I. My dad
          II. My best friends
         III. My cats and kittens
         IV. My friends who work at Mcd and Tcafe
          V. I miss everything in Terengganu :(

2. I have started new semester since the past four weeks on 10th June, 2013...
Dear Mysterious R
          Once you are my crush, forever you are in my heart without being forgotten...
* Anyways, I have learnt something new in Psychology & Sociology class that is held on every Monday...
Mind :
Unconscious mind 90%
Conscious mind 10%
When we are falling in love with someone but it's just kept inside our heart, it will slowly change us as our we are not awake because we are just using 10% of our mind. As an example, you'll be wanting to see him or her everyday by doing something that you are not used to do, such as being punctual at workplace or class because you want to see him or her, it happens without you realize it... But, that's just what I have understood, I'm just sharing...

3. This new semester which is the fourth semester or final year, gets tougher with the presence of subjects that are similar with Mathematics, Science and Literature...
These are the subjects that I have taken during this semester :
 a) ETR300 : Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship
 b) CTF222 : Safety at Work
 c) CTF232 : Introduction to Psychology & Sociology
 d) CTW214 : Writing & Theory Practice
 e) CTW224 : Bangsawan Script
 f) CTW234 : Lyrics and Poetry
 g) CTW244 : Great Literature

This is created for you...


Time is passing by,
may I pause for a while?
I would try,
Making you smile.
And I've wanted to try,
To not be apart for even a while...

He cries, she cries, they cry,
After walking for a mile.
I don't wanna deny,
Losing every second makes me cry...
# Anyways, I've gotta go...
Have a good day guys!!!
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Name : Araf Aziz
Age : 19 years old
Career : Student, Poet
Program : CT 112 (Artistic Writing)
Faculty : Film, Theatre & Animation
UiTM : Puncak Perdana, Shah Alam, Selangor

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